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Greening – a practical guide and inventory

The issue

The evidence that access to green space is good for physical and mental health is clear and abundant. How to practically make such access happen, however, is problematic. First the green space needs to be there, and second, not everyone equitably embraces the opportunity to access green space and boost health.

There are plenty instructions and directions what the parameters for proper green healthy urban planning might look like, e.g., in the Healthy Urban Development Checklist. What is missing, perhaps, is a hands-on guide for different stakeholders (for instance, scaled between individuals – households – streets – communities – Councils – State or Commonwealth agents – etc.) what can be done to create, own and maintain access to green space. Recent examples include common backyards, greened laneways, and repurposed infrastructure.

The project

This project involves the development of a programme logic that shows the opportunity scales for creating and maintaining (access to and ownership of) green space in urban settings, and the collection of narrative and visual information that illustrates these opportunities at each level. The output of the project may be (a) a report; (b) a peer reviewed publication; (c) an infographic; and (c) a hands-on manual for green space enthusiasts.


Evelyne de Leeuw or Jennie Pry (SWSLHD)

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