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Social Infrastructure and health

The issue

Liverpool City Council is planning for the redevelopment of social infrastructure in Miller, South Western Sydney. Social infrastructure includes the delivery and maintenance of public services such as libraries, parks, swimming pools and community spaces. Social infrastructure planning is an opportunity for SWSLHD Population Health to collaborate with Liverpool City Council with a focus on the connections between health and wellbeing. The planning work provides an opportunity to build planning collaboration and research capacity, potentially centred around a Health Impact Assessment. The dual purpose of the collaboration is to provide evidence and information to inform the planning for Miller and to influence decisions within the Council about what to focus on in planning and investment.

The project

The project involves the development of a report describing the health impacts of social infrastructure/links between social infrastructure and health and wellbeing. This will be achieved through a literature review and grey literature analysis. 


Patrick Harris or Karla Jaques 

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