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Siggi Zapart

Dr. Siggi Zapart is a Senior Research and Evaluation Officer at the Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation (CHETRE). She has extensive experience in public health and health services research and evaluation. She has spent 17 years being involved in the development and implementation of various guidelines, programs and services, and researching and evaluating programs using quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods methodologies. Prior to joining CHETRE, Siggi worked primarily on a range of mental health and cancer related projects, as well as on the development of evidence based practice guidelines. She has been at CHETRE since 2007 working initially on the development, implementation and evaluation of early childhood programs and services, and in particular services for families living with disadvantage. She joined the Communities and Populations – Locational Disadvantage stream at the beginning of 2016 where she is involved in the development, implementation, analysis and dissemination of research pertinent to locationally disadvantaged communities. Siggi’s research interests include health equity, the health impacts of disadvantage and locational disadvantage, health services across a diverse range of settings, community engagement, psychology, and mental health.

What sparked your interest in health equity?
My interest in health equity was sparked through my earlier work on mental health and cancer related projects when the health inequities faced by some populations and or people living in particular locations became obvious. This inspired me to move from working in areas related to health concerns, and services to address these concerns, to work that helped to address health inequities.

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