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How can we communicate better about our work on health equity?

The issue

The Centre for Health Equity Research, Training and Evaluation (CHETRE) is engaged in many health equity research and advocacy activities in and beyond the South Western Sydney region. Researchers at CHETRE produce high-quality research and critical evidence that we would like to see translated into different format and languages and effectively reach the diverse range of audiences including our stakeholders and the communities that we serve. Effective communication requires the ability to transfer research evidence into clear actionable messages that resonate with the target audience and should be delivered through the right platforms with inspirational visual style. However, research communication is \ often overlooked  resulting in missed opportunities for greater impact.

The project

The project involves developing written and visual contents for our digital platforms (website, twitter) and support in producing the BEE (Briefing Equity Evidence) Reports. Applicants from a broad range of disciplines – design, communication, media, public health, social sciences, humanities – are all encouraged to apply. Basic knowledge of website content management systems (e.g., WordPress) and editing software (e.g., InDesign, Photoshop) is recommended, but not required. 


Jinhee Kim

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