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Esther Alloun

Dr Esther Alloun was awarded a PhD in politics and cultural studies from the University of Wollongong in 2021. Through ethnographic fieldwork in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank, she examined the capacity of community members to negotiate alliances and strategies for social and environmental change in a highly polarised context. She also has a Master in Environmental Studies from the University of Melbourne. Her work is broadly focused on intersectional disadvantage, equity, and sustainability in Australia and abroad. She has worked on projects on gender equity, disaster preparedness, inclusive urban planning, digital services, and animal welfare. She has taught in gender and cultural studies, sociology, politics, and geography at multiple universities. She is currently involved with two refugee health projects with CHETRE and an equity-focused Health Impact Assessment with HERDU.

What sparked your interest in health equity?

My work in health equity flows on quite naturally from my interest in tackling socio-economic, cultural and structural factors that give rise to a range of inequalities. My training in human geography also informs a place-based approach to health equity.

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