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What you can do, individually and as communities, to create a better Australia we deserve

By Evelyne de Leeuw and Patrick Harris

DOI: 10.53714/ajyl5121

So if this is not the Australia we deserve, how do we create a better one without exodus and ill-conceived government lies and inaction? 

Here are a few things you can do, individually and as communities: 

  • Buy, cook and eat with respect for yourself and the planet. Try to buy local. Try to avoid supermarket aisles (with processed and imported foods) and instead, stay on the outer perimeter, where fresh food is found. Try to eat less meat if you can. Try to grow your own vegetables and herbs – even in small (sub)urban gardens this is a rewarding effort.
  •  Use public transport and share private transport.  
  • Make an effort with your neighbors to organise community solar power generation, and use the available resources to build community storage. Ultimately, this will achieve reliable local power.  
  • And perhaps most importantly: play the market game yourself. Go to your super-fund’s website and change your investment mix to sustainable and equitable industries and funds. Not only will you save the planet, but sustainability and equity also have a superior return on investment. 
  • Use our democratic system:
    • Vote with clear intentions. Vote in any candidate with strong focus and credentials to progress action on climate change.
    • Write to your local member demanding action on climate change, and include a threat to vote elsewhere if you don’t see action.

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