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Danielle Weber

Danielle manages the volunteer program at the NSW Refugee Health Service (RHS) and also works in partnership with CHETRE on several refugee focused research projects. These projects include the asylum seeker access to health care study, the impact of COVID-19 on refugees in greater Western Sydney and an evaluation of the RHS volunteer program.

Danielle has previously worked extensively in health promotion, both within south western Sydney and elsewhere, and has a deep interest in working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities to improve health access and outcomes. Her educational achievements include: Bsc (Nut), Grad Dip Diet. And MPH

In 2021, Danielle was pleased to be invited by CHETRE to work alongside their refugee focused researcher, Zelalem Mengesha, to further develop her research skills. Currently, Danielle attends CHETRE one day a day. In her spare time Danielle enjoys cycling, swimming, travelling and sampling the multicultural cuisine of Liverpool.

What sparked your interest in health equity?

My work at the NSW Refugee Health service has exposed me to the many inequities experienced by refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. It is rewarding to work with an organisation that seeks to address health inequities and advocate so strongly for their clients.

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