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Mohammed Owais Qureshi

 Growing up in a community with limited access to quality healthcare, I witnessed first-hand the challenges and inequities faced by many, which inspired me to pursue a career in public health. I earned my PhD in Public Health and Community Medicine from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, where my thesis focused on occupational infection prevention and control training for hospital healthcare workers. My research has been recognized by the World Health Organization and added to their global literature on COVID-19.

Currently, I work as a research associate at CHETRE, where I am involved in projects aimed at improving health equity and population health through training and development. My current project involves reviewing the delivery of infection prevention and control training to transport workers, with a focus on conducting qualitative studies to better understand the experiences of those involved. Outside of work, I enjoy cycling, trekking, and reading, and am committed to using my skills and expertise to make a positive impact in the world.

What sparked your interest in health equity?

My experiences of seeing my community struggle with inadequate healthcare access and facing health disparities first-hand ignited a passion in me to work towards improving health equity and access for all. Through my education and research, I discovered my passion for promoting health equity and addressing the underlying social determinants of health that perpetuate disparities. This work is incredibly meaningful to me, and I am committed to using my skills and expertise to contribute to a more equitable world.

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