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Internship opportunities

The various programmes of work in CHETRE regularly offer internship opportunities that range from practical hands-on community development to extended Honours or ILP (UNSW Medicine) projects. Often project leads within CHETRE are happy to discuss with prospective interns what is possible, and the below is therefore only a taster from the larger smorgasbord that we offer.

Social Infrastructure and health

The issue Liverpool City Council is planning for the redevelopment of social infrastructure in Miller, South Western Sydney. Social infrastructure includes the delivery and maintenance of …
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Pipelines and health

The issue Nancy Bird-Walton International Airport in Western Sydney is to open in 2027. The economic potential of the airport and its aerotropolis have been spruiked …
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Has intersectorality increased?

The issue The first time the term ‘intersectoral’ pops up in the literature is in 1970 when a WHO report on environmental health argues that more …
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