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Evelyne de Leeuw

Evelyne is committed to the growth and success of an urban health political science that strengthens equity. She is active locally (e.g., in HUE) and globally (e.g., with WHO and IUHPE) to make that happen.

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Patrick Harris
Deputy Director

Patrick is a public health social scientist with a passion for influencing public policy institutions and decisions to improve health equity and population health.

Alana Crimeen
Scientia PhD Scholar

Alana's work develops our understanding of how the airport planning policy considers determinants of health in urban regions, using a case study of Western Sydney Airport. 

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Andrew Reid
Research Officer

Andrew is committed to reducing health inequities through empowering and building the capacity of stakeholders in low Socio-Economic Status (SES) communities.

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Aryati (Ary) Yashadhana
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ary uses critical & decolonizing theories to address health equity problems. She specialises in qualitative, and participatory methodologies that focus on social justice.

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Danielle Weber
Projects manager at NSW Refugee Health/Research assistant at CHETRE

Danielle has a background in health promotion, project management and nutrition and has a passionate interest in using innovative approaches to improve the health of diverse communities.

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David Lilley
Scientia PhD Scholar

David is conducting PhD research on the inclusion of health and wellbeing in urban planning and urban renewal in Sydney, using the suburb of Waterloo as a case study.

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Edgar Liu
Senior Research Fellow

Edgar’s research interests are in the humanistic and social aspects of housing and urban life, having worked extensively on public estate renewals, the community housing sector, multigenerational families, and barriers that lower income households face in reducing carbon consumption.

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Esther Alloun
Research Assistant

Esther is a social researcher with a background in politics and cultural studies. She draws on qualitative methods to address intersectional disadvantage and support equity & inclusive social change.

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Jinhee Kim
Scientia PhD Scholar

Jinhee's PhD research topic is Healthy Cities: Health Equity in Sydney's Fastest Growth Area, where she focuses on the urban planning process and health equity.

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Karla Jaques
Research and Evaluation Officer

Karla is a Research Officer committed to health equity and the social determinants of health. She has particular research interests in Health Impact Assessment, health equity and integration of health into planning processes.

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Mary Knopp
Administrative Officer

Mary is Assistant to Professor Evelyne de Leeuw, Director of the Centre of Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation.

Nina Serova
Research assistant

Nina is a PhD candidate in anthropology with an interest in systems of policymaking and spatial justice.

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Siggi Zapart
Senior Research and Evaluation Officer

Through her role leading the research program of the Locational Disadvantage stream Siggi works to address health inequities experienced by people living in locationally disadvantaged communities.

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Zelalem Mengesha
Research Fellow

Zelalem is committed to reducing health inequities by sharing insights that trigger practice, service delivery and system change.

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