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Our pets_archive

This page is dedicated to the lovely furry friends who enrich our lives.

BOKU (age 6, long-haired chihuahua, lives with Jinhee)

This is Boku. He thinks Jinhee is staring into the monitor because she’s bored and always wants to save her from boredom. Otherwise, he sleeps on her lap while she writes and tries to claim co-authorship. He’s terrible at normal dog things like playing catch or hanging out with other dogs, but he’s a gifted air-traveller and can tell time.

Ralph is a happy, friendly and loyal rescue pup. He is a 7 year old staffy X german pointer mix who loves to run and play with other dogs. His favourite things are car trips to the beach and doing zoomies through the water. 

RALPH (age 7, Staffy x German pointer mix, lives with Karla’s mom)

(age going on 8, Golden retriever, lives with Evelyne)

This is Teka(hionwake) who lives with Evelyne (and Lynne, Lynne’s mum Thelma, and Thelma’s poodle Scuro). Teka knows she is cute and entitled to coolness and a good rest. Her timekeeping is fabulous. She arrives at Evelyne’s desk at 16:45 to nudge her elbow and let her know the work day is over, and the play day has started again.

LUNA (lives with Patrick)

(age 2 years, Shepherd/Sharpei mix, lives with Ary)

Eugene is the calmest, goodest boy! He will do anything for a treat – but mostly likes lazing around the house, bringing you his squeaky pizza toy (which has earned him the name of pizza delivery boy) and keeping a half open eye on his human Ary. He loves his daily walks by the Glebe foreshore, meeting other dogs, as well as a splash in Blackwattle Bay if the weather is good.