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CHETRE welcomes students and volunteers to intern with us!
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Anrian Pah

Anrian is a Master of Public Health/Master of Health Management student at UNSW Australia and joined as an intern in September 2020. He is currently working on a project evaluating changes in intersectorality for health in policies.

Prior to studying at UNSW, Anrian has worked as a general practitioner in rural areas in Timor, Indonesia and is now seeking to change his career trajectory to contribute on solving bigger picture issues in health through his Master studies. His academic interests include health promotion, economics, and health service management.

Twitter @anrianpratama

What sparked your interest in health equity?

I became interested in health equity after working in a remote area in Timor, Indonesia. I realised that determinants of health and therefore, health outcomes, varies significantly depending on geographical location, and the presence of healthcare facilities and practitioners alone is not enough. I hope that one day I could contribute more to improving health outcomes in these areas.

Emily Darnett

Emily Darnett is interning at the Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation (CHETRE). She is currently working on creating an evidence for Green Space supporting Indigenous health benefits. Emily is a higher research degree student at The University of Sydney focusing her research on Indigenous mental health issues. Being Indigenous she is very passionate about effecting change for her people and culture through research. Emily is also a provisional psychologist working within schools to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and ensure the students are getting the support they need to thrive in any environment.


What sparked your interest in health equity?

I grew up in standard middle-class white culture. It was not until I was 15 years old, I learnt of our Indigenous heritage and how my ancestors had gone to great lengths to hide our culture. Being Aboriginal is something I am so proud of. The spark for me was educating myself on my culture and disparities experienced by Indigenous Australians. Through my research, I learn and connect to my heritage. I believe through education and research we can create a more reconciled Australia.

Previous interns and students

James Goh

James was a third year student at the University of Sydney when he interned at CHETRE. James interned at CHETRE for 9 weeks (Jun-Aug 2019), during which he primarily involved in work relating to HIA, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research, and social determinants of health. By interning at CHETRE, James wanted to gain specific insight into how academia and government intersect to generate specific community outcomes.  Having grown up in South West Sydney, James particularly valued the opportunity, provided at CHETRE, to work with local councils.

James’ academic interests include critical race and whiteness theory, the phenomenology of race, and the immigrant experience.  In his spare time, James enjoys reading political analysis and thinking about present moments as convergences of historically specific cultural and material forces.  James plans to undertake Honours next year before pursuing postgraduate study abroad.