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Public Health Response to COVID-19: Addressing Financial Strain-related Health lmpacts of the Pandemic

The over-arching objective of this research is to map and prioritize socio-economic consequences of COVID-19 policy related to financial strain having wellbeing impacts across two similar nations, Canada and Australia. The specific research questions include: 1. What are existing policies and new, innovative interventions aimed at addressing financial strain enacted in Canada and Australia in response to COVID-19 at local, municipal, provincial, and national levels? 2. How are the policies and interventions aimed at reducing the impact of financial strain in response to COVID-19 implemented, and who is targeted and why? 3. What are existing and potential indicators that can be used to meaningfully assess the social, mental, and physical health impacts of COVID-19 related financial strain? 4. What successes, challenges, and lessons were learned from the process of enacting these policies and interventions, especially in terms of tailoring for underserved groups, promoting equity and inclusion, and addressing the root causes of financial strain? 5. What guidance would the individuals/organizations who are implementing these policies and interventions give to other groups wishing to implement interventions for reducing the impacts of financial strain in relation to COVID-19?